About the Company

Ammonite is a project management company specializes in the plastic, metal and textile industries.
The company is an Israeli company that has a private branch of professionals residing in China (Dongguan)
who are responsible for managing the production lines, quality control and shipping. This organizational structure enables
the company to be directly involved in the Chinese market and manage long-term business relationships with a wide range
of suppliers and professionals. Ammonite provides a wide range of services in the fields of production and import:

  1. Suppliers and factories sourcing
  2. Adjustment of the product portfolio to mass production
  3. Prototype development and production
  4. Construction of molds and jigs
  5. Management of mass production processes
  6. Quality Control
  7. Packaging and Shipping Solutions

Our customers benefit from the devoted service given by professionals that manage their business on their behalf across the sea,
while carefully guiding the project and maintaining the customer’s needs. Our clients include leading companies in Israel
and abroad in various fields such as medical equipment, communications, lighting, consumer products and many more.

The company’s vision: forming long-term collaborations with our customers in Israel and abroad in order to enable them
to realize their ideas and wishes – a tangible well finished high quality product, through carefully managing the production lines
and performing a comprehensive quality control according to the specific requirements of each customer.
The company strives to be a leader in its field and to be a source of knowledge as well as a broad base
of creative and unique solutions for its customers. We intend to continue to advance, improve and expand to new horizons.

Yehuda Baor
Yehuda BaorPartner
Shachar Shalom
Shachar ShalomPartner
Jane Zhou
Jane ZhouChina Office Manager
Tom Hu
Tom HuSenior QC Engineer

Our Clients


20–30 days – receiving the product files and feasibility studies, price proposal, order approval and money transfer
30–40 days – mold making and shipment of first samples
20–40 days – validation (tests and approvals rounds)
30–60 days – mass production and quality control
Total – 4–5 months
* This is only an estimate and it can vary based on the nature and complexity of the project.

Yes. Ammonite works with forwarding and custom agents in Israel, allowing it to bring the products straight to the client’s door.
The shipment price is determined separately from the production price, which is presented as FOB or EXW.
Moreover, we work closely with DHL in China, allowing our clients to benefit from the lowest rates when using air freight or express.

The payment arrangements are not fixed and may vary from project to project.
It could be roughly divided into:

  • Payment for the mold – deposit of 50% for the mold making, while the balance is paid once the customer approves the samples (at the end of the validation stage)
  • Payment for mass production – 30 days from the delivery of the documentation to the client or the departure of the goods from China

Our on-the-ground presence grants us full access to the Chinese market and therefore the sky is the limit. In recent years, the company has provided various services including:

  • Product sourcing for off-the-shelf products such as working tools, textile and nonwoven, USB products and more
  • Quality control supervision for production lines that are not controlled by the company
  • Market research for Israeli companies wishing to export to China and adjusting products to the local Chinese market

And more…

This is the main task of our Chinese office.
Each shipment controlled by Ammonite does not leave the Chinese factory before it has gone
through an extensive quality control test carried out by one of our personnel.
We assume full responsibility for the quality of the final product, and accept return of product if necessary.